Moms can meditate.

Meditation & Mindfulness workshops and coaching for moms who want to experience the benefits without adding one more thing to their to-do list.

 Juggling roles of motherhood can lead to burnout.

Burnout is the build up of stress that leads to feeling anxious, reactive, disconnected, exhausted and overwhelmed. A regular meditation practice is a stress management tool which can leads to feeling calm, connected, and confident.

Basics of Meditation Workshop for moms.

This LIVE workshop is for you. Your success  is important to me and I am here to guide you every step of the way.  

I will share with you the science behind meditating, how to meditate & how to overcome challenges in creating a meditation practice. My own path as a mom has taught me that meditating as a mom can be difficult if you aren't given the right information.

I want every mom to have the opportunity to feel healthier, more balanced, calm, connected and confident. 

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  • Together We Meditate

    “If you want to master meditation in a practical, easy-to-implement way, Bree is your guide. She has taught meditation during my webinars it has always created such a wonderful energy for our entire group. She is passionate about demystifying meditation and making it accessible to everyone. I would highly recommend working with her if you’re ready to create your own unique meditation practice.”


    Founder of Kids Love Acupuncture, Author of Heal Your Child From the Inside Out, Acupuncturist, Health Coach & Mom

About Bree Manninen

Meditation Coach, Acupuncturist & Mom

I’ve meditated for 17 years and becoming a mother challenged my practice. I wanted to experience the benefits of meditation but finding time between my "normal" life and my "mom" life felt impossible, so I had to find a new way to meditate - as a mom. It’s hard, it’s frustrating and it’s life changing. Meditation’s helping me be the mom I want to be.  I’m so excited to share all that I’ve learned, while supporting you in your journey with meditation. 

My path to discovering meditation began in 2005 with a change in my health. Meditation played a major role in returning me back to health and I became passionate about learning as much as I could about self-healing methods.

I’ve been teaching meditation to individuals and groups for over 6 years. I hope you’ll join me in learning about meditation and how it can benefit your life!

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  • Together We Meditate

    “I highly recommend Bree’s meditation coaching for anyone and everyone! I was initially afraid of mediation; I was scared it would make me into a flat-lined zombie person. I’m a high energy fitness professional and I was afraid I’d lose my edge. I was so wrong! Mediation only helped me to move through the world in a much more steady way; I’m less reactive to what happens around me.

    When I’m consistent in my meditation practice, my sleep is dramatically improved. Because of the skills I’ve learned from Bree’s course my stress and anxiety have lessened dramatically. I’m so grateful to Bree for learning this truly lifesaving practice, it has changed my life!”

  • Together We Meditate

    “I used to believe that meditation was too time consuming. I would have to commit a lot of time to it that I just didn't have-especially now as the mother of a toddler. Self-care had become a thing of the past. Once I took Bree's class, I learned that is definitely not the case. All I needed to start was 10 minutes a day! We can all find just 10 minutes, somewhere in our day. And I finally realized, I deserved it. Bree's class was comfortable, informative, and gave me the encouragement to begin my own meditation practice right away. It has continued to help my mind, body and soul.”

  • Together We Meditate

    “Bree's Meditation class is amazing and so very helpful. Almost everyone I talk to about meditation says, "I can't meditate. My mind is too busy, I'm too busy." Bree's class will teach you that anyone can meditate. She does a great job teaching the fundamentals of meditation to help you practice on your own. So happy I took the class.”


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